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Core of our business

The Business Advisory Services division of Arkounting Professional Services (APS)is the firm's fundamental division and remains the core of our business today.All other services provided by the firm, from Audit & Corporate Services and Taxation Consultancy, have grown from our leading edge service to the Small to medium sized enterprises (SME's) and Large Scale market.

The focus of our Business Advisory Services team is to lead clients through the small business compliance maze and to also act as the management accountant or financial strategist.

Arkounting Professional Services (APS) can assist you and your Company by:

  • Ensuring all tax and corporation law compliance matters are adhered to
  • Monitoring capital structure of the business
  • Preparing cashflow projections and project feasibility
  • Assisting in the negotiation and structuring of buy/sells of assets and business units
  • Undertaking monthly/quarterly review of management accounts
  • Ongoing monitoring of financial performance and reporting to owners/management
  • Providing office dealer support
  • Start up consultancy
  • Business wealth creation
  • Structuring for sale or succession

Our role as your private enterprise adviser makes us an integral part of your business.

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